Train harder then ever before and overcome your limits!

  • higher training intensity
  • reduced fatigue
  • boosted muscle regeneration
  • greater efficiency
  • contains, e.g. taurine, caffeine, and chlorella

Titan's Rage is a pre-workout supplement, which was prepared together with bodybuilders and nutrition experts. Its innovative formula will help you train harder and more effectively. This will let you build muscles that will get women’s attention, but most of all, your ripped body will be an evidence of your efforts and overcoming limits of your body!

More energy – less fatigue!

Other brands promise you the results that will magically appear without any effort from you. We will not guarantee you that because behind every success there is hard work.

We assure you that with Titan's Rage your effort will bring the results you expect. You will feel extra energy burst during workouts that you have never felt before. What is more, you will be less tired and EVERY next training will be completed in 100%. Do not let your body decide when to finish, push it to the limits and you will achieve the expected results much faster.

Your next workout will be different. Stronger. More intense. Better results. It will be exceptional in many aspects!


High quality ingredients for impressive results

Titan's Rage contains the highest quality ingredients that ensure quick and outstanding results.

Power exploding volcano

Taurine, caffeine, and chlorella – combined power of these 3 substances will make your body surge with energy! With the sudden burst you will not feel fatigued and thanks to rapid muscle regeneration they will always be ready for more reps.


Caffeine – is well known for its energy rush properties, it also eliminates fatigue, improves concentration, and enhances efficiency. Titan’s Rage contains 80 mg of pure caffeine. Do you think that it is better to simply drink a cup of coffee? Remember that caffeine from coffee does not assimilate so well and increases urine production.


Taurine – increases stamina and gives energy. What is more, it participates in the transportation of creatine into muscles, which affects faster muscle regeneration after physical effort. Protects your muscles against catabolism, i.e. molecule break down process. It also indirectly boosts muscle growth by stimulating the production of insulin – an anabolic hormone – by the pancreas.

ingr3Green barley

Green barley – many people forget that acid-base balance is important. Intense training acidify body, which has a negative influence on muscles. This can be felt as fatigue. Green barley grass perfectly restores acid-base balance. What is more, it is a real vitamin bomb which contains a lot of proteins and energy.


Chlorella – this algae contains protein, but also boosts your training by providing you extra energy. Chlorella also greatly enhances cell regeneration. What is more, it contains valuable amino acids for bodybuilders such as BCAA, which increase efficiency and stamina.

Train with greater power!

"I can’t do it..."

With Titan's Rage, you will forget about these words. Another rep, one more series… You will be surprised how easy it is to exercise with Titan’s Rage. And we will be proud because this is exactly why we’ve created our product.

Safety above all!

Caffeine, chlorella, cayenne pepper, green barley. As you can see Titan's Rage is based on purely natural ingredients, therefore you can be absolutely certain of its safety and lack of side effects.

Join the Titans!

I have used many pre-workout supplements, but when I came across Titan’s Rage I am using it to this day. After the first pills, I felt a huge surge of power that I’ve never felt before. I did my workout routine without any problems and nothing could stop me. Series after series, without end. This was the best workout of my life. Since then, Titan’s Rage is always with me. Now my every training is as good as the first one with Titan’s Rage.

Michael, 32 years old, 8 years on the gym

I use only the best products! Good proteins, good thermogenic, etc. But there was something wrong with my pre-workout. Nothing could awaken the extra energy in me that I could use for my workouts. Everything changed when I bought Titan’s Rage, after the first training I was like the Terminator! Nothing could stop me! I do not feel tired during training and I leave the gym satisfied that I pushed my body to its true limits.

Marc, 28 years old, 3 years on the gym

Since I have started to workout seriously I used only the best supplements. Out of every pre-workout that I tried Titan’s Rage has virtually no competition. I feel energised for a long time after taking just two pills. Thanks to this I can train longer and better. Obviously, I definitely recommend Titan’s Rage to everyone. A few of my friends at the gym is now also using this amazing pre-workout.

Thomas, 30 years old, 5 years on the gym
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Act comprehensively – use with Titanodrol

You work on different muscle parts on the gym because the comprehensive approach is the best. The same goes for supplements. In order to avoid buying products in different places and pay twice for the delivery – buy our products and you’ll have everything you need to gain a body that you will be proud of.

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1. What can I achieve with Titan’s Rage?

Titan's Rage was designed with one specific goal: to make your training more intense. You will have more energy, feel less tired, and your body will regenerate much faster.

2. How to use Titan's Rage?

Take 2 capsules approximately 20-30 minutes before a workout. Wash them down with a glass of water.

3. Is Titan's Rage a steroid?

No. Titan's Rage is based on purely natural ingredients. You can be absolutely certain that your muscles will grow without any questionable substances.

4. How many capsules are in one bottle?

There are 60 capsules in one bottle.

5. How long do I have to wait for my delivery?

We process orders as fast as possible, because we do not like to wait for couriers ourselves. The ordered goods will be delivered to you via a reputable courier company or by post.

6. Can I pay cash on delivery for Titan's Rage?

We have COD available in some countries. In other cases, you have to pay in advance.

7. I live abroad, can I still buy your product?

Yes, in such cases payment in advance is mandatory.

  • higher training intensity
  • reduced fatigue
  • boosted muscle regeneration
  • contains, e.g. taurine, caffeine, and chlorella
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